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Visual Portfolio

Court of Silver book cover.jpg
Fantasy cover art.jpg
Dark queen with magic.jpg
Spin the Shadows ebook cover.jpg
Elle Middaugh - Cruel Fae Court - book 2
Elle Middaugh - Cruel Fae Court - book 3
Elle Middaugh - Cruel Fae Court - book 1
Cage of Thorns ebook cover.jpg
Kissed by Night - Reaper.jpg
Vampire girl - October 3rd event no prot
Heir of Ashes - Dragon slayer.jpg
Shattered Midnight - November 30th event
Fantasy book cover art
Fantasy book cover art
Reaper girl - October 3rd event.jpg
Girl with a skull for Auction.jpg
Razing Hell 1.jpg
Demon Pack - book 2.jpg
Moon Called 1.jpg
Custom Premade - fallen angel copy.jpg
House of Thorns book cover.jpg
Girl on a throne - November 30th event -
Poc witch - November 30th event no prot.
Fantasy book cover art
Harper Wylde - Shifter's rising - book 1
Sold to the Gods - Claire Holt.jpg
Alex's cover - Shadow Hunter.jpg
Kingdom of Betrayal 1.jpg
Dark fae - May event no prot.jpg
Urban witch or vampire - September 29th
Bonds of Shadow and Blood.jpg
Fierce Queen ebook cover.jpg
Fantasy Book Cover Art.jpg
Elf guy - May 30 event.jpg
Moon Goddess copy.jpg
House of Winter.jpg
Vlada - Vampire Queen - no prot.jpg
A Touch of Stardust book cover.jpg
Hell Fae book 1.jpg
Dirty Deeds - ebook.jpg
Mortem Academy - book 1.jpg
Fantasy book cover art.jpg
Ill Will - ebook.jpg
Bad Blood - ebook.jpg
Urban Angel - October 3rd event no prot.
Beautiful Chaos premade cover.jpg
Elf with a bow - new.jpg
Little Monsters.jpg
Demon Pack.jpg
Captive of Darkness.jpg
Vampire girl - gold and black outfit copy.jpg
Wicked Rebirth book cover
The Devil's Huntress.jpg
Dragon Royals 1.jpg
Ruthless Blood.jpg
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